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Hologram films are ideal in packaging industry for flexible packaging. Wide web Hologram film are commonly used for printing, gift-wraps, packaging, lamination, stickers etc. The richness of the film contributes to the sales that can be achieved by packaging of consumer items. In the recent past, holography has also developed into a major deterrent for duplication and counterfeiting of products such as credit cards, drivers licenses, pharmaceutical products, computer software etc.

The complexity of the Hologram pattern makes it nearly impossible to be reproduced, by adding additional, nearly invisible authentication markings known only to our clients. Hologram product labelling with customised images, involves technologies that are out of reach of most counterfeit rings.

These films are available in geometrical and custom made pattern in P V C., Polyester, B. O. P. P. from 10 to 50 microns thickness up to 1200mm width.


Hologram film Samples 1 Hologram film designs      Hologram packaging Samples 1 Hologram packaging Stickers


Material available

BOPP ------------ "Biaxial Oriented PolyPropylene"

PET ------------ "PolyEthylene Terephthalate"

PVC ------------ "Polyvinyl chloride"

A. PET Hologram film, 20 micron, 30 micron thickness, silver , golden, green, blue,etc.
B. OPP Hologram film,20 micron, 30 micron thickness, silver , golden, green, blue,etc.
C. transparent OPP, PET Hologram film

Hologram film Samples 1

Hologram film with small dot design Stickers

Hologram film Samples 1

Hologram film with kinetic movemnt design Stickers. It's Sample Hologram design with diffrent color.

Hologram film Samples 1

Waving rainbow desing Hologram film which is widly used by toothpaste box packaging

Hologram film Samples 1

Sepecial Hologram film kinetic movemnt. It's very shining Hologram design without normal Hologram color

Applications :

*2D Two Dimensional
*3D Three Dimensional
*2D/3D Two/ Three Dimensional
*3D Dot matrix generated images

Hologram film Samples 1

This is big size Hologram nickel master shim which is used to emboss film. This master size is 1200mm*600mm


Secure 2D 3D Holographic Sticker