Combination of Hologram Security Features

Combination hologram creates an impact that has extra-ordinary viewing effects and also security features.

Usually, it's good to combine 2D/3D and dot-matrix hologram which has sharp kinetic movements of

dot-matrix and the depth of 2D/3D holograms with hidden text. Good design hologram sticker combined

with dot-matrix & 2D/3D with hidden text, plus flash light security feature can make up of best security

hologram sticker if add some extra security characteristic such as serial number(transparent image) and pattern

released. To improve security, we suggest to use parttern released material and add sequential numbers .


Dot-matrix and 2D/3D combination with extra security features -----hologram sticker samples  1 2 3 4


Combination of Dot-matrix and 2D/3D

Laser Readable Hidden text

Mole decode film Readable Hidden text

Combination of Dot-matrix and 2D/3D

Combination of Dot-matrix and 2D/3D

Combination of Dot-matrix and 2D/3D


To more recombination security features of hologram and more extra security function

we assembled, the more difficult the counterfeiter to duplicate the hologram sticker.