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we produce hologram paper with lots geenral design hologram patterns and custom holographic design also. The hologram paper can be in roll format in width of 70cm and 2000 meter in length. We also can cus hologram paper into sheet format depends customer's requirement.

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General Design Hologram Patterns  and Big Master Selling and New Big Master Origination

security transparent holographic ID card samples 2security transparent holographic ID card samples 2

What's Hologram Paper?

If smaller sheets are required for a short-run project, printers can trim the sheets to fit their equipment. For larger projects (5,000 sheets or more), we can order a custom size sheet. For our warehouse orders, NovaVision offers free shipping (ground or truckload) to all destinations in the continental USA. For "first-time" printers, we recommend process testing some holographic sheets prior to printing a large project. Our stock products are available in carton quantities of 100 sheets. Select a sheet comparable in material construction and caliper and print these sheets on the end of another project. Contact your ink supplier in advance and ask for recommendations.

security transparent holographic ID card samples 2

Where we use holographic paper?

Holographic paper is widely used for promotional packaging.





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