Thickness of Hologram Base Material

We have different thickness of hologram sticker base material-metalized Aluminum film in

thickness of 0.025mm, 0.036mm, 0.050mm. We also have different pressure sensitive material

to make different hologram sticker. 25 Micron thickness is default thickness of our hologram

stikcers. We have different color and pattern released material in thickness of 25micron in stock.

We also can make customized thickness of hologram base film to satisfy special requirement


Hologram Ssticker Samples with Different Thickness  25 Micron 36 Micron 50 Micron

25 micrn(0.025mm) Hologram Sticker

The weight of 1000 sheets hologram sticker with thickness of 0.025mm is 3.0 kilograms


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