Transparent Hologram Decal(sticker,label) for Mobile Screen

This hologram decal is used to protect mobile screen. Its adhesive is different to

security hologram sticker's because the glue won't stick onto mobile screeen strongly

as normal sticker. We have lots kind of design and charactors of this holographic

decal in stock. We also can produce costomized design hologram decal as well.


Security Transparent Hologram Sticker   Transparent Hologram Decal(sticker,label) for Mobile Screen


Transparent holographic sticker is see through and shining.

Product Specifications/Features :

1. All kinds of designs are available
2. Prompt delivery is guaranteed
3. Individual packaging available upon request
4. Custom designs available, depending on the bulk of each order
5. Transparent hologram will not affect screen reading
6. Dimensions: 25mm*25mm/piece, 35*35mm/piece, 160mm*160mm(max)/piece
Customized design size is available

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